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MotoSügis 2017 program
N, 07.09.2017

Ok, here's the deal



supper from 18.00
MotoTravelPub open
sauna is hot from 20.00
19.30 competitions: walking with a tyre and throwing some stuff
20.30 MotoTravelPub talks - letÕs show each other tips and tricks 
from our travels
21.30-zzZZ:zzZZ  live band Trio Comodo and dance music inside, 
MotoTravelPub talks continue
3-8 a more quiet time


9-10 breakfast
some time to get your gear on
11 SudneriiK 3.0 championship, first event: slow driving (near 
the ship)
at the same time prepare for the bike tour 
11.30 bike tour on LahemaaÕs most beautiful gravel/tarmac roads 
with guides (get a full tank on Friday!)
13 weight watching and clacking (for prizes!) and messing 
around with Hubert - for those who didnÕt go on the Bike 
16 bike tour ends; first eventÕs finals (near the ship again)
17.30-19 supper
19 SudneriiK 3.0 championship, second event: seamanÕs test
SudneriiK 3.0 championship, third event:?nap on a tool
sauna is hot from 20.00
20 In MotoTravelPub - Raul and Upitaja tell and show photos 
about their this summer's trip to Middle-East
21.30 seasons finale of moto-orienteering 
22 live band Hea Story
ca 22.30 travel- and special prizes (inside, in the hall)
live band and dance music continues, MotoTravelPub also 
1-8 a more quiet time


8-10 breakfast
traditional seljanka soup, packing, tears, phone numbers,  
breather test and going home

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Motosügis 'Getting There Challenge' 2017
K, 06.09.2017

The 4th 'Getting There Challenge' in World history is going to be more creative that all the previous ones combined.

Your task, shall You choose to accept it, is to make selfies with heads. The task is inspired by Estonian place names ending with 'pea' (head), for example the peninsula next to Käsmu is called Pärispea (translates roughly to Realhead). But don't let placenames be the only heads! Put your heads together and take selfies with any head you can find! Of course, you can take one with Pärispea because it's real.

The selfie must have a *head and You and your friends on it in motorcycle gear (wearing a helmet and gloves at least).

Pictures can be brought to us till 10.30 Saturday morning at MotoSügis MotoMatkaJutuPubi (TravelStoryPub). 

Viimati uuendatud ( K, 06.09.2017 )
MotoSügis 2017 sponsor - Trekker
K, 06.09.2017


As in previous years, Trekker is contributing Leathermans to our prizefund but this time knives, three of them! Also, in the goodie bag are clips and lamps and other gadgets to help you on your camping trip. Trekker is the importer of Leatherman products and also the awesome LedLenser lamps. You can find them from www.trekker.ee or Laki 12, Tallinn.

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Motosügis 2017
K, 31.05.2017
MotoSügis accommodation booking is over.

Accommodation booking for MotoSügis 2017 is over, vacant places can be redeemed at the gate, in cash.

And if You already asked - Motosügis will take place in
Käsmu, in Lainela Holiday Village from 8th till 10th of September

In the program: games, motorcycle tours, travel stories, sauna and live music both nights. Ticket is 47 euros and includes meals.  

See You there! 



Viimati uuendatud ( K, 06.09.2017 )